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Christian Dating Advice & 
Right Christian Relationships.

Christian dating advice and keys to healthy 
Christian dating and Christian relationships 
by author Beverly D. Allen.

Covenant Dating:
The Biblical Path To Marriage
by Beverly D. Allen.

It’s been said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results. Are you weary of the “dating treadmill”, trying out different potential partners only to be let down again and again? Dating as a believer is not meant to be “casual”; it must focus on achieving a “covenant relationship”-seeking only for a covenant partner. Covenant dating is the biblical path to marriage for those in the dating pool who are tired of getting their hearts broken and not reaching their goal of marriage. Regardless of the compromises you make to try to please another’s flesh or even your own, it will not bring true joy to the spirit. But obedience to God and His Word, which protects your heart, emotions, and above all your spiritual relationship with God, will. Covenant Dating can help all those seeking a marriage partner to abide by God’s intended plan to take you to help-meet status as a covenant partner. It is not a list of rules but a lifestyle blueprint to guard your heart and your body. Remember, with God all things are possible to him that believes, trusts, and waits on the Lord. God can do for you what He has done for countless others!

Scripture and history are blended with life experience to offer valuable Christian dating advice, Christian relationship advice and Christian marriage help in this fine book. Christian dating is a much advertised subject, and one that has rarely been addressed in the way that Ms. Allen has accomplished. Christian dating, Christian relationships and Christian marriage vows are all topics of enlightened spiritual and Scriptural help from this caring Christian author.

No Man’s Concubine
Tell the Concubine She Was
Meant To Be A Queen
a book by Beverly D. Allen

“The King’s daughter is all glorious within;
Her clothing is interwoven with gold. 
She will be led to the King in embroidered work; 
The virgins, her companions who follow her, 
Will be brought to You.”

Psalm 45:13-14 (NASB)

Author Beverly Allen challenges women to a state of royalty as  queens in the new book, No Man’s Concubine: Tell the Concubine She Was Meant to Be a Queen, published in June 2004 by Xulon Press.

Writer of Saved & Beautiful, Beverly pens a broad survey of a problem that has plagued women for generations. Looking back and defining the historical meaning of concubinage, she brings the problem right to the hearts of 21st century women. Based in part on her experiences, she is committed to providing women with guidance on how to navigate through the emotions that arise in single hood.

In a book that reflects another battlefield in the world of spiritual warfare, Beverly states how women succumb to the wiles of men and end up in exploitative relationships. Despite the negative experiences of relatives, friends and associates, many are making the same mistakes. She provides statistics to support her case and examines the why. Then, she offers a biblical solution to the right choices that impact a lifetime.

“Not many of us believe we have ever met a queen,” observes Elder James P. Murray, “yet they are all around us. In this book, Beverly Allen has a simple message: there is no limit to the number of queens in God’s kingdom. Their first goal is to rule over their own bodies. Then, they qualify to reign together with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, Jesus Christ.”

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